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Turbo Coffee

What began as a small coffee corner in the back of Greasy Hands Barbershop at the end of College Street has now developed into a refreshing study spot and hang out on East Tennessee in downtown Florence, Alabama. The bright white walls and clean concrete floors are enlivening as Shoals residents, young and old, enjoy high quality coffee brewed by Shoals native, Reese Shirey, while his wife Sarah makes delicious baked goods daily. Over the past 5 years Reese and Sarah have discussed and intentionally planned their dream coffee shop, finally opening the new Turbo Coffee location only a few months ago on a popular downtown street that has recently been revitalized with freshly paved roads, sidewalks, and new landscaping. Turbo’s recent move comes at the perfect time as they are at the forefront of what will be a beautiful and busy part of downtown, and they bring their own brand of excitement by providing an energizing coffee experience. Turbo’s space is flooded with light, with

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

By now you might have heard the buzz around town about the brand new Sky Zone Trampoline Park recently opened in Florence, Alabama—and you can believe all the hype. The large, shiny new facility located on Mangum St. close to the mall, is every child’s dream with cheery, bright orange signs, upbeat music, and plenty of stations to jump with friends, make memories, and embrace the lighter side of life. This incredible space is a unique and much needed addition to the Florence area as it provides field trip opportunities for schools, workout classes for adults, and a healthy way for kids to have fun with friends in a well organized, safe environment monitored by an energetic staff trained to ensure safety and promote fun. Kim Moore, the owner of Sky Zone, realized that her son’s school frequently went to Huntsville for field trip and entertainment purposes, so by opening the trampoline park her goal was to provide a place for everyone in the community to enjoy right here in the Sh

City of Florence Police Department

When families are moving to a new area, one of the first things they ask is if the Shoals is safe? How are the school systems? Where are the best neighborhoods to raise my children? They are questions that go hand-in-hand with moving to an unknown place—and during a time where safety is a concern in our country and newsfeeds are flooded with tragedy; newcomers are taking even more consideration and pause before they make a big move. However, in Florence these questions have always been easy to answer. It’s with a sense of pride and confidence that I can respond by informing home buyers that crime in Florence is at a 20 year low, with a historic low in 2015, thanks to the hard work, dedication, and community policing of the Florence Police Department. This 20-year tradition of safety is due to their Community Policing policy, which began in 1997. The method involves the police department partnering with the community, neighborhoods, and civic groups to address issues and solve

Lilly's Sportswear

In the midst of Cox Creek Parkway lined with generic, chain department stores, there sits a shop that has remained a steadfast clothing boutique for the last 20 years, providing high-end, sophisticated fashion for Shoals women who like to make a statement. Melissa Coldiron opened Lilly’s Sportswear two decades ago simply because she loves fashion and helping women find something that they can feel fabulous in every day. Melissa can be found at the store each day ready to greet customers with a sweet smile and warm hello as they browse the on trend, high-fashion clothing and accessories that includes everything from jeans and formal dresses, to shoes and jewelry for women in their 20’s and up. A Sheffield native, Melissa began working in boutiques at the age of 15 and never looked back, originally opening Lily’s Sportswear in Sheffield, but moving to W. Tennessee Street for 16 years, and just recently settling into their newest location next to the Florence Mall. The tall, industri

The Ritz Theatre

On West Third Street in Sheffield, Alabama The Ritz Theatre, built in 1927, sits on a quiet corner a short walk from the evolving downtown district, which boasts new restaurants, venues, and shops—a reflection of a town that is invested in local business and the arts. The theatre, which has been renovated over time is surrounded by vacant buildings, and stands out with its bright marquee sign as a reminder of simpler times when children would save their pennies to watch black and white silent films and couples walked hand-in-hand on warm summer evenings through the small, Southern haven to see a show. The Ritz was a beacon of art and entertainment, a portal to the outside world and remained as a popular movie theatre in the Shoals until 1951 when it went out of business. In 1985 the Tennessee Valley Arts Association, a nonprofit organization in Tuscumbia, bought and restored the theatre to its former glory—now providing a place for locals to have unique artistic experiences through