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Two weeks ago Thread fabric store opened in downtown Florence, Alabama in a large, narrow building with simple, cream walls and a rustic, hardwood floor, but the shelves are stocked with rows of vibrant colors in every shade and hue—a cheery, inspirational invitation to create. Located on North Court Street, the adorable shop just recently opened its doors and is run by incredibly talented individuals who want nothing more than to empower and encourage each of their customers to create. While Thread sells a wide range of independent patterns, sewing and craft books, supplies for every sewing projects, and of course designers fabrics—their goal is not just to provide quality products, but to inspire others to make something that is a lasting reminder to the talent and originality that lies within us all. Walking through the front doors of Thread sparks the imagination and opens up the possibility to dream. If you lack inspiration at home, all you have to do is wander around thi

Wildwood Tavern

On any given night you will find Wildwood Tavern overflowing with a crowd of young professionals, artists, musicians, and designers grabbing a drink and sitting down for good conversation until late into the evening on East Mobile Street in downtown Florence. Childhood friends Matt Henderson and Tyler Ross left the Shoals for college, only to return to their roots to open up the popular Chicago Café three years ago, and just one year ago, Wildwood Tavern—a bar that is both laid-back and filled with life. The two owners, born and raised in Florence, are devoted to “Keep Florence Funky” – a fun phrase they coined to encourage local residents to embrace and continue to create the soulful style that first put The Shoals on the map—an approach that is apparent in their unique décor, original recipes, and their love for the local community. The funky attitude begins as soon as you walk through the doors of Wildwood Tavern. The rustic space decorated with colorful, pendant lighting, which