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Downtown Tuscumbia, Alabama

Tuscumbia, Alabama is like a setting for a romantic comedy. I can picture Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks walking hand in hand down the adorable sidewalks, window shopping and stopping into Coldwater Books to have a coffee at a table for two as they admire the Alabama weather. No matter the season there is magic in the air in this quaint town where Southern charm exudes in everything from the shop windows, to the historical buildings, to the friendly small town lifestyle. If you live in the Shoals area then I’m sure you’re familiar with some of the popular spots, but this week in particular I’m highlighting Tuscumbia not only because of the many boutiques and eateries, but because the 37 th annual Helen Keller Festival is taking place, which is a week of events honoring the woman who was born and lived in this delightful town. Over the past decade Tuscumbia, Alabama has transformed into a precious, picturesque little town that has some of the best shopping and unique spots in the Shoal

Alabama Outdoors

Three years ago Alabama Outdoors moved into the historical Rogers Department Store building in the heart of downtown Florence and the local, Alabama-grown outdoor store plans to make history of its own as an essential staple for Shoals residents. Luckily, Alabama Outdoors has established itself in a place rich with outdoor recreational activities, making it easy to support this community-driven business. Centered just a few minutes from the Tennessee River and Wildwood Park, the specialty outdoor retailer has the perfect location to serve those who love the water, camping, rock climbing and more. While the Rogers Building is located on Court Street, the actual Alabama Outdoors entrance is on Mobile Street and it’s a grand entry with large, modern, spherical chandeliers and the classic Alabama Outdoors oak tree logo. The colorful window displays are just a taste of the high quality clothing available inside. The rugged, earthy space was decorated and designed to pay emphasis to

Downtown Sheffield, Alabama

Across the bridge, on the other side of the shimmering Singing River, sits a small town that was once the bustling center of the Shoals and hosted some of the greatest names in music history at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. Over the years the downtown has remained quiet—but just recently Montgomery Avenue has been busy opening new boutiques, restaurants, and stores. This up and coming downtown has brand new apartments and is surrounded by gorgeous, established neighborhoods covered with ancient oak trees that hang lazily over streets that run into the bluffs and shores of the sparkling Tennessee River. Sheffield, Alabama is a charming, small town that is on the rise and if you don’t hurry, you might miss out on business and prime real estate opportunities.   Amongst the recently opened downtown shops are new favorites like the stylish women’s boutique, The Rak, the delicious restaurant, Rhoda P’s, and the upscale event venue, George’s 217.   The Rak is a preci