Lilly's Sportswear

In the midst of Cox Creek Parkway lined with generic, chain department stores, there sits a shop that has remained a steadfast clothing boutique for the last 20 years, providing high-end, sophisticated fashion for Shoals women who like to make a statement. Melissa Coldiron opened Lilly’s Sportswear two decades ago simply because she loves fashion and helping women find something that they can feel fabulous in every day. Melissa can be found at the store each day ready to greet customers with a sweet smile and warm hello as they browse the on trend, high-fashion clothing and accessories that includes everything from jeans and formal dresses, to shoes and jewelry for women in their 20’s and up.

A Sheffield native, Melissa began working in boutiques at the age of 15 and never looked back, originally opening Lily’s Sportswear in Sheffield, but moving to W. Tennessee Street for 16 years, and just recently settling into their newest location next to the Florence Mall. The tall, industrial style space is open, airy, and modern—a breath of fresh air. The boutique is easy to shop with large windows that let in plenty of natural light, a cheery turquoise check out counter with contemporary pendant lighting, and clean concrete floors that accent the colorful clothing and accessories on display throughout the store. However, not everything in the shop is new-- not one to forget her roots, Melissa brought along several antique pieces of furniture to display clothing and jewelry, including an antique candy case originating from the Ritz Theatre.

Lilly’s Sportswear is unique in that the clothing and accessories found in the store are also worn by celebrities in People Style Magazine, InStyle, and on TV shows like Nashville—and this doesn't mean the knock-off celebrity clothing, but the actual brands that are being seen in popular magazines and on television. With the incredible style and dedication to provide high-quality, high-end fashion, there isn’t another place like it in the Shoals. In addition, Melissa, the sole owner, is passionate about customer service—she not only wants her clients to have fun shopping and feel welcomed, but loves taking care of her loyal customers by helping them plan outfits for events, vacations, and even assist them in organizing their closets in preparation for a new fashion season with her styling expertise. She desires for her customers to feel beautiful and fashionable at all times and will go above and beyond to ensure that they feel confident in what they are wearing.

The shop is open Monday thru Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm and can be found at 281 Cox Creek Parkway in Florence, Alabama—you will not be disappointed by their gorgeous jewelry, flattering dresses, and fun, soft t-shirts for every day wear. Whether you need a new outfit to feel powerful at work, can’t decide what to pack for your next vacation, or just need to feel cute running errands around town, you’re sure to find something in this upscale, incomparable store. So, if you haven’t stopped into Lilly’s Sportswear boutique, before you head to the mall, stop by and see the unique and beautiful clothing that is as authentic as the woman who sells them.


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