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The Ritz Theatre

On West Third Street in Sheffield, Alabama The Ritz Theatre, built in 1927, sits on a quiet corner a short walk from the evolving downtown district, which boasts new restaurants, venues, and shops—a reflection of a town that is invested in local business and the arts. The theatre, which has been renovated over time is surrounded by vacant buildings, and stands out with its bright marquee sign as a reminder of simpler times when children would save their pennies to watch black and white silent films and couples walked hand-in-hand on warm summer evenings through the small, Southern haven to see a show. The Ritz was a beacon of art and entertainment, a portal to the outside world and remained as a popular movie theatre in the Shoals until 1951 when it went out of business. In 1985 the Tennessee Valley Arts Association, a nonprofit organization in Tuscumbia, bought and restored the theatre to its former glory—now providing a place for locals to have unique artistic experiences through

Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa

With work schedules and the busyness of every day life it’s often difficult to find time to relax, and planning an extended vacation out of state or out of the country can be a daunting and often expensive task—however, there’s an opportunity to get away from it all and it’s only a few minutes away. Escape from the every day in the middle of the Shoals by enjoying a Staycation at the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa. The grand hotel sits on top of a hill overlooking Wilson Dam and the blue waters of the Tennessee River. The Renaissance Tower, which is home to the popular 360 Grille, can be seen across the Shoals area and stands as a consistent reminder to indulge, relax, and take time to enjoy life, whether it’s dining at one of their incredible restaurants for a night, or booking a weekend staycation for the family to spend time together and make memories. Located off of Veteran’s Drive, the hotel is in the middle of the Shoals, but upon entering the property it is like a secluded r