Turbo Coffee

What began as a small coffee corner in the back of Greasy Hands Barbershop at the end of College Street has now developed into a refreshing study spot and hang out on East Tennessee in downtown Florence, Alabama. The bright white walls and clean concrete floors are enlivening as Shoals residents, young and old, enjoy high quality coffee brewed by Shoals native, Reese Shirey, while his wife Sarah makes delicious baked goods daily. Over the past 5 years Reese and Sarah have discussed and intentionally planned their dream coffee shop, finally opening the new Turbo Coffee location only a few months ago on a popular downtown street that has recently been revitalized with freshly paved roads, sidewalks, and new landscaping. Turbo’s recent move comes at the perfect time as they are at the forefront of what will be a beautiful and busy part of downtown, and they bring their own brand of excitement by providing an energizing coffee experience.

Turbo’s space is flooded with light, with floor-to-ceiling windows, bright white walls, and simplistic,
modern décor inspired by the Scandinavian style coffee shops they saw on their travels to Iceland. The coffee shops they were most drawn to had simple, clean lines and left you feeling refreshed and inspired for the day. Guests are frequently caught snapping pictures of the artsy space and posting to popular social media sites, and while the modern space is an inspirational spot for college students, it's also a popular spot for quick business meetings, and families stopping in for a treat. Turbo’s minimalistic décor highlights their delicious food, flavorful coffee, enriching smoothies, and creates a space for good conversation and focused studying.

While stationed on College Street, Turbo primarily sold coffee and select pastries, but has now expanded into offering healthy food options, rich with protein to get you through the day. Talented cook, Sarah Shirey, creates the delicious food enjoyed by customers throughout the day in the wee hours of the morning. Waking up before sunrise she begins preparing delectable menu options including avocado toast with egg, acai bowls topped with homemade granola, bananas, cacao, and chia seeds, and their newest Fall menu addition: the Breakfast Bronco, a homemade English muffin with smoked ham, white cheddar, and a fried egg. Also available are homemade poptarts and pastries, yummy treats made by someone who is passionate about baking and creating reviving meal options. They have also added well-crafted smoothies packed with protein to the menu, which have become a popular item to grab for individuals who are on the go. Much of their menu is a reflection of the lifestyle that Reese and Sarah lead—two young, active newlyweds who seek to be healthy—the food and coffee they serve is much of what they eat at home. They are constantly cooking light, healthy meal options to provide a natural energy, much like their coffee.

Since opening their new location in August, the shop has been consistently busy with college students
walking from campus to study and local residents stopping in to grab their Moto Mocha—a refreshing iced coffee mocha that has gained attention from Bon Appetite, a popular food blog, website, and magazine out of New York, that described their tasty drink as “the caffeine-fueled chocolate milk of our dreams” due to Reese’s use of a cold brew mixed with chocolate milk to enhance the flavor. Every drink and menu item made in the shop is methodically planned to ensure that their products are of the highest quality and create a top of the line experience. Their coffee beans from Parlor Coffee in Brooklyn, New York are the foundation for creating pure, flavorful coffee drinks that have quickly become a Shoals staple.

This is just the beginning for the unique espresso bar, as they have just recently settled into their new building next to Greasy Hands Barbershop, owned by Reese’s brother, Austin Shirey. The two businesses that once shared a space, have now expanded into their own buildings, but still support each other, with Turbo Coffee providing a free coffee with every haircut. Reese and Austin are dedicated to seeing the Shoals community grow and love being a part of the expansion of downtown. While there are always hopes to grow and expand in their current location, for now Reese and Sarah are focused on their newest adventure of marriage and perfectingCheck out their new space and grab your favorite drink Monday thru Friday, 7:00am – 7:00pm and Saturday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.
providing a pleasant experience for every customer that walks through the doors of Turbo Coffee.


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