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Shoals Theatre

Built in 1948 Shoals Theatre is a romantic fixture in downtown Florence, Alabama with it’s twinkling sign, which stands as a reminder of simpler times, when going to the movies only cost 25 cents. Today, the flashing lights on the corner of Seminary and Mobile Street signifies the survival of the creative arts in Florence, which has just recently taken on a revival with the opening of small businesses, restaurants, and boutiques by young artists and entrepreneurs sprinkled throughout downtown. While Shoals Theatre is continually producing plays thanks to the diligent dedication of volunteer board members, the theatre itself is hoping to take on its own renovation to support not only live theatre productions, but the addition of projection equipment for movies and an all-over updated look, creating a completely remodeled space for concerts and events. Inspiration for the project is being drawn from the beautiful and popular Franklin Theatre in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, which ha