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University of North Alabama

Each year in the August heat a flood of students pour into the streets of downtown Florence, Alabama, bringing a whole new energy and excitement to The Shoals area. The University of North Alabama is the beating heart of our already vibrant Southern town and all roads seem to lead to the beautiful campus that sits in the epicenter of the Historical Downtown Districts. Established in 1830, UNA is Alabama’s oldest four-year public university, solidifying it as a place of great educational and cultural influence, and making it a rich part of Alabama’s history. It’s a unique campus that has shaped our community by providing creativity, growth, and an excellent education.  There’s really nothing like the feeling of a new school year. Fresh planners and notebooks are purchased, classes are scheduled, and there is the air of possibility—a sudden and distinct change on campus and throughout our small town. Having just emerged from the slow summer, Florence is now bustling with students

Staggs Grocery

Walking into Staggs Grocery at noon you’re greeted with the steady murmur of a crowd genuinely enjoying the company of friends on lunch break while burgers sizzle on the flattop griddle and fans lazily cool patrons in the heat of the summer. The entrance is like taking a walk back in time with the original integrity of the building being maintained with high, tin embossed ceilings and simplistic décor. However, no one is worried about what’s on the walls, the laser-like focus of every individual in the building is the food. It’s a sinfully delicious, satisfying experience of biscuits and gravy in the morning and mouthwatering cheeseburgers packed with juicy flavor and washed down with a fountain drink at lunch. There’s a reason that Staggs Grocery is so popular in the slowly evolving Sweetwater District of Florence, Alabama—it’s quite simply the quality of the food that has been produced over the last 17 years by owners Lynn and Pat Staggs who can be found behind the counter

The WearHouse Clothiers and Furnishings

For 30 years Martha Ringelstein has humbly and passionately perfected her craft at hand-selecting pretty things to create her store, The Wearhouse. Located off of Cloverdale Rd is an unsuspecting building that is one of Florence, Alabama’s best kept secrets and is the place to go if you want your home (and closet) to look stunning. When you walk through the front door a friendly face immediately greets you, offering help and welcoming you to look around. On the left side of the store are finely crafted dresses, shoes, and purses from markets in L.A., New York, and Atlanta, and to the right of the store it’s like stepping into a home décor magazine, stretching back into a large warehouse lit with twinkling lights hanging off trees, and adorned floor to ceiling with large mirrors and beautiful paintings.  Each piece is perfectly placed for a fun, enjoyable shopping experience that will leave you with decorating ideas and your favorite new piece of furniture.  Those who have