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Florence, Alabama: Downtown Historic District

As time marches on it’s hard to imagine life in the 1800’s, but in the Historic District of Downtown Florence located on Walnut Street, Wood Avenue, and stretching into the College district it’s easy to picture the rich culture and history that was cultivated during these times because of the beautifully preserved homes that line the shaded streets of our lovely downtown. When I tour a home on one of these streets I find myself truly wishing that the walls could talk as I think about the original residents who literally laid the foundations for generations of families to enjoy a place to create lasting memories of holidays and celebrations, family dinners and the raising of children. It’s humbling to think that these homes have seen the Civil War and housed great Generals, musicians, authors, and leaders. Each house has a story to tell and by preserving the architectural design of the house we preserve the memories of those who came before us and called Florence h

Alabama Chanin

In the midst of the concrete and metal siding of Industrial Park in Florence, Alabama is a building that produces and sells 100% organic jersey cotton, feminine, hand-sewn apparel displayed and draped in a sea of whites and neutrals— a palate that is as soft, revitalizing, and comfortable as the clothing of Alabama Chanin. If you’re from The Shoals area, then you have heard of Natalie “Alabama” Chanin. Born and raised in Florence, Alabama, she has a deep love and commitment towards supporting and growing local business, made apparent in her own business model, which includes thoughtfully and methodically pouring her heart and soul into each design and collaboration that she creates, produces, and sells at The Factory, her store on Lane Drive. Perhaps you have seen her clothing online or heard about the beautiful designs and quality fabric used in each piece, but it really doesn’t do it justice until you walk into The Factory and see the hand-stitched patterns, fe

Enjoying Life On The Lake

The Tennessee River begins in Knoxville, TN, winds its way through Chattanooga, and dips down a little bit south of Huntsville until it eventually finds itself snaking through the Shoals area where it is affectionately referred to as the famous Singing River. Surrounding these sparkling waters is a community that thrives and cherishes everything the river has to offer. It has inspired a history of incredible music, some of the best small-mouth bass fishing in the country, and a variety of water sport activities throughout Wilson, Wheeler, Pickwick and Shoal Creek. Pickwick, Wilson, and Wheeler Lake attract people all over the country for a variety of reasons. Fishing is a top activity in the area due to the large population of small-mouth bass, attracting large tournaments hosted by B.A.S.S. and FLW. The beautiful lakes make for an ideal habitat for a variety of fishing whether you’re in the middle of the lake or sitting at one of the local marinas. The lakes contain coves,

Champy's Famous Fried Chicken

Born in the Deep South of the Mississippi Delta is a delicious family recipe that has made its way to the Shoals at Champy’s Famous Fried Chicken. Locally referred to as simply Champy’s, this Southern restaurant is just plain fun starting with the building which is designed to resemble a down home, swamp shack complete with checkered picnic table cloths, a tin-roof, and plenty of d├ęcor that pays tribute to the gritty, soulful blues history of Muscle Shoals. When you visit this entertaining eatery you can expect your fair share of: blues, brews, and bird. Champy’s is the type of restaurant that is completely focused on the customer—it’s essential that each person who walks in their door eats the best, freshest batch of homemade fried chicken the way they like it, enjoys a cool beverage, and of course some good music. It’s a refreshing place to go and unwind after a long day at work or to have fun with friends and family. The experience begins as soon as you pull into the par