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Turbo Coffee

What began as a small coffee corner in the back of Greasy Hands Barbershop at the end of College Street has now developed into a refreshing study spot and hang out on East Tennessee in downtown Florence, Alabama. The bright white walls and clean concrete floors are enlivening as Shoals residents, young and old, enjoy high quality coffee brewed by Shoals native, Reese Shirey, while his wife Sarah makes delicious baked goods daily. Over the past 5 years Reese and Sarah have discussed and intentionally planned their dream coffee shop, finally opening the new Turbo Coffee location only a few months ago on a popular downtown street that has recently been revitalized with freshly paved roads, sidewalks, and new landscaping. Turbo’s recent move comes at the perfect time as they are at the forefront of what will be a beautiful and busy part of downtown, and they bring their own brand of excitement by providing an energizing coffee experience. Turbo’s space is flooded with light, with