Singin' River Brewing Co.

For many years the art and culture of the Shoals has been sustained by the beautiful Tennessee River that runs through it. While normally we might think of the arts in the area as music, fashion, or food, we can now put the art of brewing a good beer in the mix. Singin’ River Brewing Co. has recently burst onto the scene as the first microbrewery in the region and they are onto something big. If you don’t know anything about brewing a beer, I promise there is an art to finding that perfect flavor and making something that’s original and memorable—Singin’ River has done just that with their IPA, Porter, and Handy's Gold.  

Singin’ River Brewing Co. opened their doors in 2014 and there is good reason to support this local business— they are putting Florence, Alabama on the map in the microbrewery world. For those who love tasting craft beers, you know that the first thing you do is look at the place it was brewed and the label. This can often lead to conversations with friends about the culture and knowledge of the area, which means people in other states are picking up a can of Singin’ River IPA and talking about the label, perhaps the time they went to Handy Fest, the fishing they did on the Tennessee River—or maybe it spurs them to come down and take a tour of the brewery.

When you walk into Singin’ River the atmosphere is comfortable, yet stylish and celebrates local artists by displaying their eclectic artwork on the walls. Take a seat on one of their many couches, or find a place at one of the two bars to relax, drink a beer, and visit with friends. There are plenty of large, flat-screen TVs hung on the wall to watch Alabama football or you can challenge a friend to a game of darts. It’s a wonderful, low-key place to grab a quality, locally brewed beer on a date or with a group of friends.

However, Singin’ River has so much more to offer in addition to a refreshing glass of hand-crafted beer. As the weather warms up you can expect a flurry of activity to take place in and outside the brewery walls. The garage doors are opened to the outside patio that includes a stage for the live bands that play weekly. Corn hole boards are set up for a friendly competition while listening to music, or you can take a seat, sit back, and relax while drinking a glass of Handy's Gold. On Tuesday’s at 5:30 pm the Running Crew meets for a complimentary tasting after their run and on Thursday’s at 5:30 pm the Walking Crew does the same. Every Saturday they offer a tour of the brewery at 5:00 pm where you can learn the craft of brewing beer. It’s also the perfect place for weddings, private parties, and corporate events. Located downtown this venue has so much to offer and tons of room to grow.

This local treasure truly produces quality beer that includes a full bodied, hoppy IPA, a sweet, mild Handy’s Gold, and the bittersweet, coffee-like Porter. Craft-making is an art that focuses on skill and good design—and the beers are truly works of art on the move. After just recently opening their doors, Singin’ River is already being distributed in Southern Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and across Alabama. Singin’ River Brewing Co. is just getting started and it’s definitely worth a visit.


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