Enjoying Life On The Lake

The Tennessee River begins in Knoxville, TN, winds its way through Chattanooga, and dips down a little bit south of Huntsville until it eventually finds itself snaking through the Shoals area where it is affectionately referred to as the famous Singing River. Surrounding these sparkling waters is a community that thrives and cherishes everything the river has to offer. It has inspired a history of incredible music, some of the best small-mouth bass fishing in the country, and a variety of water sport activities throughout Wilson, Wheeler, Pickwick and Shoal Creek.

Pickwick, Wilson, and Wheeler Lake attract people all over the country for a variety of reasons. Fishing is a top activity in the area due to the large population of small-mouth bass, attracting large tournaments hosted by B.A.S.S. and FLW. The beautiful lakes make for an ideal habitat for a variety of fishing whether you’re in the middle of the lake or sitting at one of the local marinas. The lakes contain coves, creeks; shallow and deep water that host a variety of fish including crappie, catfish, and of course small and large mouth bass. Daily you can find avid fishermen out on the water, competing or just enjoying the thrill of catching everything the lakes have to offer.  

Besides fishing, there are plenty of other activities to discover on the sparkling Singing River. Take your pontoon boat out for an evening cruise, watch the sun go down, and enjoy the scenery, or adopt a faster pace on a jet-ski or speedboat. While skiing and tubing have always been popular options, new and powerful wakeboarding boats pulling wakeboarders and wakesurfers are a common site. Wakeboarding requires a tower so that the wakeboarder has the ability to perform tricks. This is a fast, high intensity sport that requires both feet to be on one board, much like a snowboard. However, if you’re not interested in the idea of skimming across the water on a wakeboard, you can always slow it down with wakesurfing, a sport that is not new, but definitely gaining popularity across the country. It requires an inboard engine boat that can create a large wake, much like a wave in the ocean. This constant wave allows for the wakesurfer to surf directly behind the boat without a rope. It’s a fun activity to try and tackle or to watch from afar.
If you don’t have access to a boat, there’s always the option to kayak, canoe, or even paddleboard down the creeks and canals of the Tennessee River. All you need to do is find a marina or dock to launch off of and you’re free to discover and explore the shores, shoals, caves, and beauty of the area. While there are plenty of docks scattered throughout the quad-cities, it's fun to make a day of it at one of the marinas. Launching off at McFarland after eating at Riverbottom Grille or grilling out at one of the covered pavilions makes a memorable day on the water. Steenson Hollow in Muscle Shoals is another option or the new marina, Waterfront, is a new, sleek, modern marina and dry-storage located on Shoal Creek in Florence, which offers fuel, 41 wet slips, and 200 dry slips and plans to open a restaurant in the future.

Everyone wants to be a part of the Shoals area. People from all across the South flock to the Shoals to buy beautiful waterfront property where they can enjoy ample time on all of the lovely lakes. There is just so much to do all across the Shoals area, with the focal point being the beautiful river that runs right through the middle. The Singing River has put the Shoals on the map for more than just music; it’s the abundance of activities that make this area fun and truly unique on so many levels. So, get out there while the weather is warm and enjoy all the Shoals has to offer!


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