Greasy Hands, Dixie Garage, & Turbo Coffee

As you walk through the front door of Greasy Hands you will most definitely pass by a vintage motorcycle or two and enter into the barbershop filled with the fresh scent of shaving soap, the lingering aroma of coffee wafting in from the back of the building, and the prattle of good conversation. However, if a haircut isn’t what you’re looking for, upon venturing further into the long building you will find Dixie Garage, a quality men’s supply store, and Turbo Coffee, a moto espresso bar. While Greasy Hands just recently celebrated their one-year anniversary with the annual Rally in the Alley, Dixie Garage and Turbo Coffee are new additions that have added a unique dynamic to the two-chair barbershop. The four men, who have invested their lives into the three separate businesses under one roof, work as a team for the vision of the multidimensional store, and have crafted an experience that adds to the creative downtown Florence, Alabama community.
Austin Shirey, Lucas Wassner, Reese Shirey, and Sanford Rodriguez have created a lifestyle business that combines all the things they love, and have invited The Shoals into their world. What they have constructed is a welcoming atmosphere with a laid-back vibe and a modern-industrial design-- it's an easy spot to relax  and catch up with friends while getting a haircut, shopping, or drinking coffee. They are each experts in their craft, with ample experience and training, but most of all they have the desire to produce and provide the absolute best to their customers. Austin Shirey, owner of Greasy Hands Barbershop was trained and worked as a barber in New York City at top barbershops such as Blind Barber and Persons of Interest. This month Sanford Rodriquez, who also went to barber school and perfected his skills at Blind Barber, joined Austin as the second barber in the shop. During his
time in NYC Austin grew a talent and passion for his craft, while he honed in on the aesthetic that he wanted to bring to Florence—which has a classic barbershop feel. The shop was opened on October 1, 2014 and just recently celebrated its one year anniversary with the annual Rally in the Alley event, which invites the community to hang out, listen to live, local music and taste some savory food. This year the band Eleven Year Old from Birmingham, Alabama and Old Sport, a local group provided the music, while Cole Wagoner, a regular of the shop, provided delicious food consisting of homemade chicken, pork, and sausage biscuits infused with strawberry jalapeno jam and honey mascarpone. It was a cold night, but that didn’t stop friends from celebrating under a string of lights and next to a warm fire with good food in hand and music floating through the air.

Recently there has been even more to celebrate with not only the one-year anniversary of Greasy Hands, but with the recent additions of Dixie Garage and Turbo Coffee. Dixie Garage, owned by Lucas Wassner, was created out of the recognition that Florence was in need of a shop that supplied quality apparel, accessories, and grooming supplies for men. Before the opening of his store, the closest place to find the kind of men’s products he was looking for was Nashville—with this need in the Shoals area and his passion and knowledge for the product, it seemed like a no-brainer to open a shop that supported local vendors and contributed to the growing, creative downtown community. Dixie Garage supplies the best in men’s products and is the ultimate go-to place for birthday and Christmas presents, also offering 10% off of groomsman gifts. Most of the items are local, handmade goods such as Boston and Tucker Cologne and Truly Cigars made here in Florence, or products crafted right down the road, such as beard oil and mustache wax by Great Bear Wax Co. out of Birmingham, Alabama. Other top-quality, noted items include Red Wing Boots and Made in The USA Raw Denim Jeans. Dixie Garage sells products for everyone, and while women frequenting the shop will certainly find a great father’s day present or products to make their man’s beard look and smell better, they will also find items for themselves, such as the Ursa Major skin care line, incredible smelling candles by Great Bear Wax Co., t-shirts, pens, knives, and more. Regardless of what you’re shopping for, anyone is welcome to stop in and relax in one of the large, leather chairs and drink some Turbo Coffee.

Reese Shirey, owner of Turbo Coffee has also set out to provide the absolute finest in coffee and espresso in the area and he doesn’t disappoint. What started as a hobby for Reese has grown into a multi-roaster shop with the current menu offering beans from Huckleberry Roasters, KingState, Flat Track, and Parlor Coffee. Reese attended Barista School, worked in Atlanta at Counter Culture Coffee, and is passionate about serving the best possible product. He serves espresso, hot, or cold coffee, and you can be sure that the drink will be impeccably made and contain delicious taste combinations of floral, citrus, fruit, and chocolate depending on your choice of beverage. Turbo Coffee, located in the back of the building, invites you to "Stay Awhile" at one of their tables as you enjoy your savory drink. The four men who have taken on this venture have opened more than a business; they have created a brand that they live out every day and ask others to join in alongside them. These three shops have been a missing link in the Shoals area-- a complex space that has brought culture, creativity, and quality care to downtown Florence, Alabama. 


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