A Few Favorite Restaurants in Florence, Alabama

As I sit here and write this blog post I’m watching snow gracefully fall from the sky outside my window. But as lovely as it is, I can’t help but think about when I can get back outside and enjoy the beautiful Alabama weather and the eclectic venues of downtown Florence. Having lived in Florence for so many years, I have had the opportunity to see this town grow into a vibrant area full of restaurants with excellent menus and unique styles… and our Downtown hasn't
stopped evolving! If you’re not from the Shoals area, we might seem small, but we have a lot to offer.

In downtown Florence off of Court Street there are several restaurants that have been staples and the beloved treasures of our town. They have remained consistent producers of yummy food and authentic atmosphere. Ricatoni’s, our resident Italian restaurant offers a warm, cozy environment complete with a wood-fired brick oven that creates the most delicious thin crust pizzas this side of the Mississippi. You also can’t count out their creamy Fettuccine Alfredo or warm bread they deliver to the table when you sit down. Regardless of what you order at this restaurant you will not be disappointed and it’s a Florence favorite. 

Another Florence tradition, will not only make you feel like family, but will take you back in time! Trowbridge’s, an adorable sandwich and ice cream bar has been open and run by the same family since 1918. Keeping true to the original style of the shop they have kept the welcoming ice cream bar, complete with retro turquoise bar stools. Drop in for lunch and get their famous chicken salad or pimento cheese sandwich or bring the family for homemade ice cream on a hot Alabama afternoon—it’s always a memorable experience.

The final restaurant that you must try if you’re looking for a fun night out is Rosie’s Mexican Cantina. Maybe it’s just me, but part of what makes a good restaurant is the experience. As soon as you walk in the front door you are greeted with an array of multi-colored string lights and beautiful Mexican decor. But not only does Rosie’s boast a vibrant atmosphere, their food is just as fun. They make their own homemade tortillas and the margaritas are delicious and refreshing. And don’t forget the free soft serve vanilla ice cream with every entree to top off your night. Rosie’s will not disappoint for a fun evening out with friends or family.

These are just a few of my downtown favorites, but like I said, these are only the staples—the food work horses who have served the Shoals residents for many, many years. I haven’t even touched on the new restaurants that have burst onto the scene with locally grown, fresh food and some serious style. Come back next week and I’ll share more about how much Florence has to offer! 


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